Plates on Pedestals


The whole of about 90 1/2 x 59 x 18 2/3 in. Material: plexiglass, chipboard

Is this arrangement integral

Is it possible to extend it by adding other component parts

Would it be more convenient to add other components by continuously making them smaller or bigger, or should they be chained components of the same size

Is it possible to alter the position of the cuts

Why go up step by step

What does a partition or a veil separate and who are "the men distinguishing the signs"

Why is it possible to gain two identical gardens and two others, much unlike

Why will they inhabit chambers that have other chambers built upon them

How can we imagine the width of a garden equal to heaven and Earth and a throne sailing around heaven and the Earth

How will the sun be coiled, how will the heavens burst or split

What is the allegoric book currently repeating in itself