This group of works under the title Physics, was developed in Prague and in Bamberg in 1998 and 1999. Even though the works contained therein weren't originally designed with the intention of making up this whole, nevertheless the whole somehow appeared of its own within the course of work on the parts. As I then began to be aware of the connection between my works in the past two years, I began to consider compiling them for publication. Already in the past I had begun to experience a similar need to design, or subsequently to group my works into wholes. These wholes were relatively heterogenous and their titles were also markedly heterogeneous: Three Connections in Platonic Philosophy 1992, Model for a System of Questions about Islamic Carpets 1994, Atlas 1996. To my so-far most-extensive collection of works, which are you holding in your hand, I have decided to give the title Physics. This title comes from my view that the works here included are linked to each other by connections of certain natural regularities. The title is inspired by Aristo-telian work "Physics", and so rather than the contemporary meaning of this concept, this publication is closer to its original Greek meaning. The Greek meaning is essentially wider and embraces nearly all investigation into nature. I would, however, like to point out that I do not understand my works as a component of a philosophy. I believe that art has markedly different rules of expression, and in certain areas also has much greater possibilities.

Tomas Hlavina