T e x t__f r o m__t h e__C a t a l o g u e__Q u i e t__ M e s s a g e s

Tomas Hlavina is the author of objects, the inner logic of which is demonstrated by "scientific" contemplation. However, it does not result in objectiveness but is rather adapted according to his inner dispositions. His objects are more a metaphor than seizure of principles. The fragility of Tomas Hlavina's thought constructs requires adequate elements. That is why he chooses neutral, non-aggressive materials, simple prefabricated parts, which he joins in non-illustrative ways to concrete objects, creating chains of associations. Materials are surrogates for certain meanings and contexts; however, the viewer standing in front of his work can understand it only through an aesthetic experience. Hlavina's work is after all more a metaphor for our regional situation which is fraught with complex, hermetic speech, difficult communication, a lack of stability and vulnerability in its fragility.

Jana Sevcikova, Profesor of Art History and Jiri Sevcik, Director of the Research
Centre at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague