A r t i c l e s__a n d__T e x t s__( S e l e c t i o n )

Hana Petlachova, art theorist, curator
Text from the catalogue Tools, 2007

Pavel Netopil, curator, art theorist
Interview for the Art&Antiques magazine (Czech), 2006

Tia Blassingame, architecture editor for New York Arts Magazine
Interview at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire, USA, 2004

Marek Pokorny, Director of the Moravian Gallery in Brno

Part of the text from the catalogue Retroperspective, 2003

Milan Knizak, General Director of the National Gallery in Prague
Text from the catalogue Borderlife, Austria, 2002
Text from the catalogue Proposte Scambio, Torino, Italy, 1996

Jana Sevcikova, Profesor of Art History and Jiri Sevcik, Director of the Research Centre at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Part of the text from the catalogue Cze(h)ndes üzenetek, Quiet Messages, 1997

Kamil Nabelek, philosopher, aesthetician, Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague. Model for a System of Questions about Islamic Carpets, 1994